Environmentally Responsbile Company The company has launched a Flagship Operation in Las Vegas, Nevada with the first, true Closed Loop process that focuses on the goal of keeping "all" Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) out of landfills.

Leading industry competitors own and operate landfills, which provide a significant source of revenue and are thus biased toward maintaining (and growing) landfill revenues while publically promoting waste-to-landfill reduction. Our company does not have such double standard biases.

To our knowledge, no other company operates a true Closed Loop waste recycling and processing facility where "all" waste is converted to products for sale in commodity or retail markets. This includes back-end biomass and biofuel renewable energy services, which convert organic wastes to bio pellets in the secondary processing operation and organic and inorganic wastes (e.g. glass, leather, rubber, and textiles) into energy in our waste to energy gasification process for sale to energy and utility companies.

Environmentally Responsbile Company The company brings the many years of front-end waste collection, transfer, material recovery, recycling, and remnant product manufacturing services into the mix, thus closing the loop on MSW.

Preventing the waste from entering landfills is a key initiative both nationally and in Nevada.

Thank you for your interest in ERC, a proud partner of the Arizona Investment Center.

ERC Summary

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