Fuel Fresh Inc., is a fuel additive manufacturer based in Phoenix, Arizona providing the marketplace with unique products of the highest quality since 1989. Current clients include the largest engine manufacturer in the world, Briggs & Stratton Corporation of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Fuel Fresh has remained their single supplier for high performance fuel additives for over 20 years.

“Atomex,” fuel additive is a spinoff from Fuel Fresh research and development program, a work in progress for over 10 years. “Atomex,” is the only fuel additive made which causes water vapor to form in the combustion chamber, which provides the following additional benefits:

  • Lower exhaust emissions
  • NOx, CO, HC, PM
  • Maintain octane level of gasoline.
  • Keeps fuel refinery fresh for about a year.
  • Greater engine operating efficiency.
  • Decarbonizes and cleans the combustion chamber.
  • Cleans and maintains injectors, jets, valves.
  • Inhibits fuel system corrosion.
  • A cost effective approach to cleaner air.

By placing “Atomex,” into the fuel supply at a minimal cost, a large net reduction of atmospheric pollutants can be realized in a relatively short period of time.

When this fuel additive is blended at the refinery or terminal level, the small increase in price per liter/gallon at the pump, will be offset by higher engine efficiency. The motoring public will appreciate the noticeably better operating vehicles, less maintenance costs, as well as less pollution.

White PaperWe are happy to provide a PDF copy of the Fuel Fresh Inc. White Paper for Atomex, however, due to the sensitive material enclosed the file is password protected.

Please call our office at: 480-278-7031 for a password to access the file.

Thank you for your interest in Atomex, a proud partner of the Arizona Investment Center.

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